Icon Seizer


Find hidden icons in your computer and reuse them



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Icon Seizer is a very user-friendly application with which you can explore, view, and extract all your file's available icons in a large number of formats like .dll, .exe, .ocx, .clp or .drv among others.

You can save the icons in your hard drive and reuse them with other programs and folders, or copy them directly to Windows' clipboard and modify them with your editor.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, this simple program helps you find all those icons that the system keeps out of sight, hidden inside the previously mentioned components, and lets you reuse them to give your operating system a makeover without the need to pay for expensive icon packages or having to design them yourself.

Customize your folders and programs with all the available icons in your computer.

Extracts file icons in the following formats: ICL, DLL, EXE, OCX, CPL, DRV, SCR, and ICO

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